A collection of some of the items used by Red Cross VADs and medical staff at North Stoneham Basque refugee camp

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Red Cross flag, stethoscope, Red Cross Youth booklet, First Aid Catechism 1928 edition, First Aid Catechism 1939, First Aid Manual, triangular bandage in paper package, finger protector, small round enamel bowl, small kidney dish, Wright's coal tar soap in paper packaging, wound dressing in paper packaging, large sterile dressing in a box, white plastic comb, sterile eye pad with a bandage in a box, medicine glass in a round leatherette box, enamel measuring jug, Immobile VAD brassard, plastic beaker, thermometer in a metal case, wooden bath thermometer, wooden splint, brown satchel with red cross emblem, metal case containing syringe.
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British Red Cross Society

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