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Sealed white plastic oblong shaped bag with blue writing printed on it. Front shows, top left corner the Blue Peter ship with THE/BIG/BLUE/PETER/BAG below. Under which is written PLEASE FILL THIS BAG WITH CLOTHES FOR THE/ BLUE PETER WELCOME HOME APPEAL/ AND TAKE IT TO A BRITISH RED CROSS SHOP. The Blue Peter web address is printed along the bottom. Reverse show the British Red Cross emblem on the top, below which is a description of where your donation will go followed by THANK YOU/FOR SUPPORTING THE/BLUE PETER/WELCOME/HOME/APPEAL. BAG CONTAINS A LARGE PLASTIC SACK FOR FILLING WITH DONATED ITEMS. This appeal was launched on the Blue Peter Programme on 08.11.2004, the appeal was to support the vital work the Red Cross carried out in Angola putting families and children back in touch following years of conflict.
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British Red Cross Society. Hampshire Branch
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