Black and white photograph of a patient undergoing rehabilitation treatment in Somalia

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Black and white photograph of a patient injured in the war in Somalia undergoing rehabilitation treatment

This photograph portrays a patient injured during the war in Somalia undergoing rehabilitation treatment. "The Ogaden War took place from July 1977 to March 1978 between Somalia and Ethiopia due to a territorial dispute over the Ogaden region, which was claimed by both countries.” Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, former president of the Somali Red Crescent Society said that, "During the Ogaden War, the National Societies in both Somalia and Ethiopia, in cooperation with the ICRC and in conjunction with the two countries' respective armed forces, were called upon to provide medical and surgical assistance to the war-wounded. Martini civilian hospital in Mogadishu which had a military department had become the base of the first ICRC surgical team sent from Geneva’. He was able to witness first-hand “that the ICRC's humanitarian assistance programs during the war were based on the Red Cross and Red Crescent principles of independence, impartiality and neutrality”.

I was particularly drawn to this photograph for its portrayal of those wounded in the war in Somalia, which has experienced recurring conflicts since the Ogaden War. The picture as a result has continued relevance. The photograph highlights the importance of the work done by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, alongside the Somali Red Crescent Society, in providing crucial and life-changing help to the victims of conflict and war.

Audio recording by Umalkhaire Goran/Daniel Norford (Volunteer), London.
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