Misc. N: Neo-Nazi Publications

Production date
01 Feb 1978-28 Nov 1979

This file consists of correspondence and related documentation regarding the Neo-Nazi publications such as, 'Did the Six Million Really Die?' by Richard Harwood (Richard Verrall), and references made to the International Committee of the Red Cross report, 'Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War', Geneva, 1948.
This file was originally filed in a folder labelled, 'Misc. L - Norman: London, Lord Mayor of National Flood and Tempest Distress Fund, History of; National Council for Voluntary Youth Services; Neo Nazi Publications; Niewoudt, Miss Minty (transfer); Nobel Peace Prize; Noble Mrs, Transfer to UK; Non-Governmental Organisations and the Commonwealth 1977; Non-Government, Conference of; Norman, Miss Maude, Book by; Norman, Mr W.E.'
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