'Dr Nelson's Improved Inhaler'

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Boots the Chemists
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'Dr Nelson's Improved Inhaler' with directions for use on the side. White glazed ceramic bottle with wide hollow spout extending from dome shaped body. The shield label is printed on the opposite side to the spout. A cork fitted with a glass tube running through the centre are inserted into the neck opening of the bottle. Inhalers such as this one were used to treat chest infections and diseases by inhalation.

A wide range of designs were available and the Nelson type, first invented between 1861 and 1865, was one of the most popular and enduring. It was still commonly used during the twentieth century. They were widely available from most pharmacists. The patient inhaled the steam directly as it emerged from the glass funnel. Infusions such as friar's basalm or oils such as eucalyptus were placed in the inhaler and boiling water poured over them.
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Boots the Chemists
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British Red Cross Society. London Branch. Finchley Centre

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