Large cardboard collecting box: 'Munzen fur mehr Menschlichkeit'

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Large cardboard collecting box: 'Munzen fur mehr Menschlichkeit.' Large collecting box with a large slot for money at the top and containers on each side that would have orignally contained leaflets. The box is decorated with a childlike drawing of a sun with a face on the front section and photographs of coins all the way around the rest of the box. The writing on the box is in German. On the top section are the words "Munzen fur mehr Menschlichkeit" and "Helfen Sie uns, anderen zu helfen," which translates as "
Coins for more humanity" and "Help us to help others." On the front it says "Gebens Sie uns den rest" which means "give us the rest." This collecting box was used by the German Red Cross.
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Coins that Care' was a fundraising initiative that started on 26 September 2001. It was a foreign currency campaign supported by BP which took place in 12 European countries in aid of the Red Cross Movement. The drive behind the campaign was the changeover to the Euro which would make many national currencies redundant from the end of January 2002.
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Supporter: British Petroleum
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