EmpowHER quilt, patch 63

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Kristie Frost: Artist
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Kristie took part in the EmpowHER quilt project "to give the girls in the group inspiration and motivation by being a role model and showing them we are all in the group as a team."

Kristie's design includes text, cut-out fabrics, buttons and bows. She also chose to have words that were particularly important to her in the design. "I used positive words such as love, friends and hope as they were the things that helped me to stay positive during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. I hope this inspires people to keep strong, be themselves and remember that you can achieve anything if you work as a team and help each other. I loved facilitating the EmpowHER programme, and it was so nice to see young people who developed their confidence skills and tried something new!"
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Kristie, who was a Youth Worker on the programme, became involved with EmpowHER through the Autism and ADHD youth group. "I was asked by our manager at Autism and ADHD to take part in a new exciting youth project to help develop young girls' confidence and self-esteem through social action."

The group completed many incredible social action projects, and one of the highlights of the programme for Kristie was watching the girls lead. "I enjoyed seeing the young people run their own social action projects, including setting up a pop-up shop to help the vulnerable people in the community, including their pets." Both Kirstie and the girls learnt that "everyone has something valuable to give and to achieve. Helping others can help us too!"
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EmpowHER Participant: Kristie Frost

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